Why is Algebra unique?

Preserving the concentrated liquidity mechanics, Algebra adds up the unmatchable functionality streamlining trading and liquidity providing experience for users.

  1. Adaptive Fees

A unique dynamic fee model calculates the fee depending on numerous factors; including the degree of risk, volatility, trading and pool volume. Liquidity providers do not need to choose pools and move liquidity between them in order to get the highest fee rewards. This fee model maximizes the profits both for liquidity providers as well as for traders. Read about Adaptive fees in detail here.

  1. Concentrated Liquidity

Concentrated liquidity allows you to choose the specific price range on your own when providing the liquidity. Liquidity providers can allocate their capital to the preferred price intervals, thus consolidating their funds to earn more fees. This means that you can earn even with small amounts of liquidity provided. Read more about concentrated liquidity in our article.

  1. Built-in Farming

There’s no longer a need to go to external platforms to farm. Algebra has built-infarming, Infinite and Limit, with extra incentives besides regular returns. It allows our users to earn significantly more and all in one place. You won’t find a place with APR higher than on Algebra.

  1. Staking

Algebra has its native token ALGB which allows you to earn high interest rates by taking part in staking. ALGB tokens never go idle; they’ll work for you and multiply your capital. 

  1. Algebra works on Polygon

Polygon network base improves the general trading experience due to close-to-zero network fees, high throughput, transaction speed, and high levels of reliability. Algebra has been launched on Polygon but plans to expand further to other networks.

Why is Algebra unique?