How to Get MATIC?

Alice S.
Crypto evangelist

On Algebra, you will need MATIC tokens which is actually required as a gas fee on the Polygon Network. If you don’t have MATIC in your wallet, you can get it with non-Polygon crypto.

Let's bring you up the speed on this option.

Get Matic with non-Polygon crypto.

If you have cryptocurrency on another blockchain, go to Rubic Exchange which is a multi-chain protocol that allows for crypto swapping between different blockchains. 

Step 1. Go to Rubic Exchange and click Start Trading. 

Step 2. Choose MATIC as the final purchase and the amount of crypto you want to swap for it. 

Step 3. Connect your wallet.

Step 4. Choose the provider with the best deal.

Step 5. Swap and approve the transaction by Metamask.

Congrats! Your MATIC is in your wallet - all set up. 

Remember! Algebra is built on Polygon so before you start, make sure you have set up a Polygon network on your Metamask wallet. If not, check out this tutorial on how to do it!

Keep in mind: If you see that our farming events include WMATIC whereas you have MATIC and want to participate, don’t worry! Algebra will automatically swap MATIC to WMATIC when you enter a farming event!

How to Get MATIC?